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Baby AC by AmethystCutey Baby AC :iconamethystcutey:AmethystCutey 1 0 Bloody Massacre by AmethystCutey Bloody Massacre :iconamethystcutey:AmethystCutey 2 0 Timber Wood by AmethystCutey Timber Wood :iconamethystcutey:AmethystCutey 3 0 Midnight Twinkle by AmethystCutey Midnight Twinkle :iconamethystcutey:AmethystCutey 2 0 GT Live Fanart by AmethystCutey GT Live Fanart :iconamethystcutey:AmethystCutey 1 0 Boy and Girl by AmethystCutey Boy and Girl :iconamethystcutey:AmethystCutey 0 0 SweetTea meet Milkshake by AmethystCutey SweetTea meet Milkshake :iconamethystcutey:AmethystCutey 0 0 MoonShine Rough Doodle by AmethystCutey MoonShine Rough Doodle :iconamethystcutey:AmethystCutey 1 0 Silly Balloons Doodles by AmethystCutey Silly Balloons Doodles :iconamethystcutey:AmethystCutey 3 0 Aggretsuko is Awesome! by AmethystCutey Aggretsuko is Awesome! :iconamethystcutey:AmethystCutey 3 0 Furry Animal Doodles by AmethystCutey Furry Animal Doodles :iconamethystcutey:AmethystCutey 2 0 The Lovable Two by AmethystCutey The Lovable Two :iconamethystcutey:AmethystCutey 4 9 Dill and Kill by AmethystCutey Dill and Kill :iconamethystcutey:AmethystCutey 3 2 Mini CMC by AmethystCutey Mini CMC :iconamethystcutey:AmethystCutey 7 2 Iconic Pose by AmethystCutey Iconic Pose :iconamethystcutey:AmethystCutey 3 1 A Star and his adoring Fan by AmethystCutey A Star and his adoring Fan :iconamethystcutey:AmethystCutey 2 1


Minuette /Colgate by BBQNinja501st Minuette /Colgate :iconbbqninja501st:BBQNinja501st 12 2 Alex the Chubby Pony print by AleximusPrime Alex the Chubby Pony print :iconaleximusprime:AleximusPrime 103 32 happy birthday by BBQNinja501st happy birthday :iconbbqninja501st:BBQNinja501st 14 1 Pitched Shadow and Amethyst by BBQNinja501st Pitched Shadow and Amethyst :iconbbqninja501st:BBQNinja501st 10 1 You are now at peace my brother by Geeligans-i-Land You are now at peace my brother :icongeeligans-i-land:Geeligans-i-Land 2 4 Spider-Man and Deadpool commission by JayFosgitt Spider-Man and Deadpool commission :iconjayfosgitt:JayFosgitt 295 24 Die Corvoc Die by MysteryFanBoy718 Die Corvoc Die :iconmysteryfanboy718:MysteryFanBoy718 12 4
No commissions for a while...
You guys already know I have 2 cons coming up in July that I am selling at but I also have recently been given a new full-time job opportunity and am leaving McDonald's (FINALLY! :iconfinallyplz:)
I only have a few more days left of working at McDonald's and then I move to my new job.  The hours are more balanced and the schedule is way more consistent unlike McDonald's so I will hopefully get better with my own leisurely schedule.  In what free time I do have, I am going to be working on the comms I have left to do as well as some art I will be making for TrotCon and BronyCon.  I also have to get busy selling my Funko MLP figures and some other old toys that I'm getting rid of so I can clear out some living space in my room and raise a bit more money for con season.  Doing more commissions will only put too much on my plate.
I may open up for commissions again after July but I have to wait and see.  Things will definitely ease down after BronyCon but I have to
:iconaleximusprime:AleximusPrime 3 4
Anonymous Skunk Lady, with Mofetas by MysteryFanBoy718 Anonymous Skunk Lady, with Mofetas :iconmysteryfanboy718:MysteryFanBoy718 25 8
Holy crap, I can't believe I got in the artist alley!!!  Wow!
Well this sure is awesome but I have got to start working hard cuz BronyCon happens the weekend right after TrotCon!  That will be 2 weekends in a row of selling art!
This news is actually coming a week or two late cuz I was originally going to post this asking if someone wanted to share a table with me but I think I've already found someone.  My friend :iconsilverband7: and I might be able to do it together so I'll wait and see on that.
But yeah, amazing to know I got in!  I'm starting to wonder if I should have just applied there long ago cuz maybe they were already interested in my art for a while but I always just went there for fun.  Well this is good news cuz BronyCon is our biggest con for the MLP fandom and I will probably have a much more promising reception there and make more money.
So yeah, that's it for now.  Wish me luck!  :3
:iconaleximusprime:AleximusPrime 6 21
[Request] Flash Sentry Crystal Pony by Shabrina025 [Request] Flash Sentry Crystal Pony :iconshabrina025:Shabrina025 125 33 portrait of Flash Sentry by CloudyGlow portrait of Flash Sentry :iconcloudyglow:CloudyGlow 82 9 Optimistic Flash [Vector] by NightPaint12 Optimistic Flash [Vector] :iconnightpaint12:NightPaint12 114 16 Flash Sentry_Rainbow Power by jucamovi1992 Flash Sentry_Rainbow Power :iconjucamovi1992:jucamovi1992 179 18 May the 4th be with you by BBQNinja501st May the 4th be with you :iconbbqninja501st:BBQNinja501st 13 1 hold hands by coffeebandit hold hands :iconcoffeebandit:coffeebandit 201 5


Baby AC
An orphaned filly; daughter of Timber Wood and Bloody Massacre. She'll grow up not remembering much of her parents. Only nightmares of the night her mother left her on the steps of an orphanage. She was adopted by a lovely couple, Cotton Heart and Lightning Bomb. As far as she knows, she's a Pegasus (like her adoptive parents), but that'll change when she hits puberty. Her stomach isn't able to digest vegetables, she can eat candy, baked goods, fruits, and most importantly meat. Preferably to her RAW meat, but will try cooked meat sometimes. AC has three best friends, MoonShine, Amethyst, and Kenny (he fits more as a platonic soulmate. AC has a pet yellow rabbit named Eyeless. She secretly hunts animals at night, worried her parents and the rest of Ponyville will cast her out as a monster. The only ponies that know she's a carnivore are MoonShine and Amethyst. AC's greatful for the wonderful ponies in her life, but still wonders every now and then where her other parents could be.
Bloody Massacre
Bloody Massacre is AC's Biological Mother, wife to Timber Wood (AC's Biological Father), one of the hunters in her village, can see in the dark, and loves to eat meat; whether raw or cooked. She left little AC on the steps of an orphanage in Ponyville to keep her safe from her attackers. She's currently alive somewhere in the lands of Equestria. Hopefully, one day she's be able to reunite with her daughter.
Timber Wood
AC's Biological Father. Currently deceased, was married to Bloody Massacre (AC's Biological Mother), became a omnivore after meeting Bloody, and had a talent for chopping trees. Which is due to him being a LumberJack.
Midnight Twinkle
I was thinking about, what if the MLP staff created another character visually similar to Twilight Sparkle. Then I made this. She's not a unicorn, but it looks better this way on her.


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Thank you for the extended Core!!  :hug:
AmethystCutey Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Bubble Bard by BubbleDriver  Thank you so much for favouriting my little pony commision by BubbleDriver . But unfortunately as part of my art purge of old artworks associated to a very bad time where I was bullied and was under a lot of emotional pain, this will be purged. I humbly ask for your understanding and if possible, please check out my more recent artworks like Is it Deja Vu? emoticon Bubble . Have a wonderful day!
AmethystCutey Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I understand your choice to do what you need to do. You have a good one as well.
Geeligans-i-Land Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry for the absence, I'm just stuck doing something else, but I'm back
AmethystCutey Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, well it's great to hear from yah. Hope things are well. :)
BBQNinja501st Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HI :) back with avengeance I c.
u r coming out with some fantastic work 
well done :D
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